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Vietnam’s exporTrade surplus reaches US$134 million in eight monthsts reached US$74.09 billion during the eight month period ending in August, while the import value was US$73.96 billion, leaving a trade surplus of US$134 million, according to the General Department of Customs (GDC).
The latest data shows that the country’s exports in the second half of August totalled US$5.71 billion, up 26.6% compared to the first half of the month.

Imports also increased by 18% in the second half of August to US$5.52 billion.

According to the GDC, exports by foreign-invested companies reached US$40.65 billion in the January-August period, up 40.4% year-on-year and accounting for 54.9% of the total national export value.

During the same period, the foreign sector also imported 25.5% more than a year ago, amounting to US$38.57 billion and making up 52.2% of the total national import value.

(Nhan Dan Online)

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