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The April conHanoi and HCM City CPI down in Aprilsumer price index (CPI) for Hanoi decreased 0.15 percent, but still up 5.6 percent against the same period last year, according to a report from the Hanoi Statistics Office.

Food and restaurant services saw a drop of 0.65 percent, while accommodation, electricity, fuel and construction materials group fell by 0.14 percent.

Transport was the only group that soared over 1 percent (1.17 percent) and footwear and clothing saw a slight increase of 0.21 percent. Telecommunications and education remained the same as in the previous month.

Ho Chi Minh City’s CPI also declined by 0.33 percent in April from a month earlier. Food and restaurant services fell by nearly 1 percent compared to March;, food was down more than 2 percent and foodstuffs over 1 percent, while outdoor activities fell slightly by 0.02 percent.


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