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The Vietnamese GovernmenFDI high-tech businesses receive a boostt pays attention to developing policies and incentives for FDI businesses, especially those operating in the field of high technology.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh made the statement at a workshop in Hanoi on May 15, suggesting solutions to support FDI high-tech businesses.

He said the government encourages domestic and foreign businesses to invest in research and development of technology to produce products of higher value.

High-tech businesses will enjoy preferential fees and best tax incentives under law, he stressed.

Ha Chan Ho, the Republic of Korean (RoK) ambassador to Vietnam, hailed the Vietnamese Government’s policies to boost high-technology investment and research.

He described Vietnam’s certification of FDI high-tech businesses as timely and appropriate.

Delegates were provided with information on mechanisms, policies and procedures for registering high-technology enterprises. They examined the Vietnamese Government’s policies to encourage FDI businesses to develop high technology.

Experiences of high-tech businesses that have been granted certificates to operate in Vietnam, as well as investment opportunities in cities with great potential such as Danang, also received much attention from the delegates.

The event, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Korean Business Association, attracted managers, researchers and leaders of Korean businesses in Vietnam.

Cooperation between Vietnam and the RoK has been developing well in many fields over the years and the RoK has become one of Vietnam’s leading trade partners.

Nearly 1,500 Korean enterprises have invested in Vietnam to date, many in the field of high technology. Korean firms are first to be granted certificates to operate in high technology in Vietnam


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