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Heavy rains accompanied by whirlwinds on April 30 caused huge property losses to northern mountain provinces.

In Son La province, the natural disaster left three locals injured in Muong La, caused 19 houses in Mai Son, Muong La, Bac Yen and Quynh Nhai districts collapse, and blew off 23 houses’ roofs. In Quynh Nhai district alone, 14 boats and 19 fish cages sank.

The provincial search and rescue forces are coordinating with relevant agencies and local authorities to help local residents repair damaged houses to stabilise their lives.

Some images of the devastating areas in Son La:

Whirlwinds ravage northern mountain provinces


*** Strong winds also injured one resident and damaged 3,600 houses in neighbouring Yen Bai province.

They destroyed nearly 200 hectares of rice and subsidiary crops, and brought down many old big trees and 12 electrical poles. Initial losses are estimated at more than VND9 billion.

Local administrations provided relief aid worth VND6 million for each of the families that have their houses completely destroyed and encouraged local people to repair damaged houses.

Over the past month, subsequent heavy rains and whirlwinds have wrought havoc on many areas in Yen Bai province.

*** Whirlwinds also devastated 8 out of 9 districts and towns of Lao Cai province on the early morning of May 1.

Initial reports showed that the strong winds injured two local people and caused huge property losses to districts of MuongKhuong, Bac Ha, Si Ma Cai, Bat Xat, Van Ban, Bao Yen, and BaoThang, and Lao Cai City.

They ripped through the roofs of 90 percent of houses in Nam Det Commune, Bac Ha district.

Around 60-80 percent of houses in three communes of Bao Yen district were damaged and dozens of houses were destroyed.

The natural disaster also caused a widespread power outage in the province.

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