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Each radio station has its own Radio development strategy in new eradevelopment strategy in order to attract listeners, especially in the new era of digitalisation and multimedia platforms, participants said at a panel discussion on July 31, as part of the ongoing RadioAsia Conference.

Community broadcasting is considered an opportunity for stronger development of radio, said the delegates, noting that there are four key aspects that radio broadcasters should pay due attention to – content, interact through all types of media, talk shows, and creativity.

Radio Director of the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS), Mark Collier said his agency has two major factors drawing a large number of listeners. Firstly, radio stations should renovate themselves by increasing staff’s capacity, applying modern technologies, and attracting talented reporters. Secondly, they must take responsibility to explain and resolve problems that may arise from their programmes.

Collier also mentioned “shock jocks”, a type of radio broadcaster who entertains listeners and attracts their attention using humour or melodramatic exaggeration that a notable portion of the listening audience may find offensive.

A shock jock is considered to be the radio equivalent of the tabloid newspaper, for which entertaining readers is as important as, or more important than, providing factual information.

Lanni Smith from France’s International Radio (RFI) stressed the necessity to specialise  in community broadcasting. Connection and interaction are important, she said, noting that trained media workers are also needed for local radio stations.

Representative of Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) Pham Hong Nhung shared her experience in radio talks, which she said is considered “King” of the radio roadcasting method.

Nhung revealed that VOV traffic channel has 80% programming for radio talks, making a breakthrough in the radio’s development with 23.5 hours a day, including more than 19 hours for talk shows..

Three target groups include famous people, leading experts, and policymakers and senior officials, Nhung said.

“Audience is always given top priority in our programmes. They co-author VOV talks by contacting us through either phone calls or online chat,” Nhung said.


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