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PR (Public RelationsNew type of call girls in Saigon) is the polite way to call prostitutes who are not controlled by pimps. These girls “independently operate” at pubs and restaurants. Their heyday is not over the age of 25.

Playboys who have status in society usually chose normal restaurants and pubs and ask managers of these places to call “PR girls” for them. Therefore, many managers of restaurants and pubs in HCM City have close ties with many “PR” girls.

In a room in a restaurant located on Cao Thang Road (District 3), some guests had barely sat down in the chair, when the manager asked: “Do you need ‘PR’?”

A few minutes later, four girls dressed in scanty clothes stepped into the room and made pairs with guest themselves. They poured beer into glasses, picked up food to customers as they loved each other in the previous life. After the party ended, PR girls got VND1 million ($50) from customers and they did not forget to give VND100,000 ($5) to the manager as “kickback.”

Besides mobile “PR” girls, some popular pubs in HCM City have on-the-spot PR girls who are young and beautiful. However, these girls are not allowed to sit with their customers. So many playboys call this service “standing beer.” The main task of these girls is embracing, pouring beer, chatting and pulling white hairs for customers.

Particularly in a restaurant on Dien Bien Phu Road, some PR girls can sing cai luong very well so their “tips” are high. At this restaurant, if customers give tip of VND200,000 ($10), PR girls will leave and mutter “Cloddish!.”

Most of the PR girls are young and beautiful and they come from the southwest. When they just arrive in Saigon, they usually work as waitresses at restaurants and then join the group of “PR” girls. After a time working as PR girls, they have scooters, iPhone, nice clothing, and money. Every morning, in beautiful clothes, they sit in coffee shops or go shopping to wait for customer’s calls.

Previously, playboys often chose rural girls or rural students who are good-looking to be their “mistress.” But now it is outdated. Womanizers do not want to entangle annoying affairs but “eating and paying” form.

Being aware of that fact, “PR” girls do not dream of being covered by rich men, but try to earn as much tip as they can in each party or each time they go out with whore-monsters. They often associate as groups to support one another.

A policeman said when they meet rich men, they will introduce each other to earn money from him. Certainly, other girls will have to pay commission to the one who introduce the customer to them. These teams are popular everywhere from pubs to upscale restaurants. According to many restaurant owners, without PR girls, their restaurants will be “dead” soon.

Thuy, 21, from Dong Thap province, a “PR” girl at restaurants and pubs in Thu Duc district, customers pay tip of at least VND200,000 ($10). PR girls can earn least VND10 million ($500)/ month, not including earning from prostitution. With such high income, but only a few days having no customers, many girls do not have money for breakfast.

In fact, to get money to buy scooters, expensive cell phones and nice clothes, most “PR” girls in Thu Duc district have to borrow from usurers. If they borrow VND 30 million ($1,500), they have to pay interest money of VND 200,000 ($10) per day. In addition to paying interest money, PR girls have to send VND3-5 million to their families, pay motel rent, purchase clothes and cosmetics, gambling and patronizing their boyfriends.

Though they are prostitutes, most of “PR” girls have boyfriends, who are drug addicts, gamblers or gangsters. These men are their support in the world full of violence, deception, cunning.

“Many girls have boyfriends who are drug addicts are brutally beaten if they do not give money to their boyfriends but they have to stand it. They cannot break up with these men,” a PR girl said.

For PR girls, 25 years old is too old. From earning nearly VND20 million a month, they suddenly become empty-handed while the debt is still there. Therefore, the road for almost PR girls is becoming real prostitutes and then pimps. Consequently, some go to jail, some are destroyed by the ravages of drugs, and some are infected with HIV.


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