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National Assembly deputies mull raft of changes to the Constitut…To change or not to change the country’s name was among the topics discussed by National Assembly deputies during a working session on the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution in Ha Noi yesterday, May 27.

Most deputies wanted to keep the name of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam instead of changing it back to Democratic Republic of Viet Nam.

Deputy Do Ba Ty from the northern province of Dien Bien said that the current name was synonymous with the nation’s success in national democratic revolution and independence, reflecting the determination of the Party, the country and the people to build a socialist republic state.

Noting that the name was officially enshrined in the 1980 Constitution and the 1992 Constitution, Ty said: “Changing the country’s name could cause negative consequences, and it may be distorted that we are giving up our determination to build a socialist republic state.”

“The change may also cause difficulties to administrative procedures.”

Agreeing with his colleague, Duong Van Thang from the northern province of Yen Bai said that the change could cause disturbances in political, social and economic life.

Constitutional Council

The idea on the establishment of a Constitutional Council, which is expected to protect the Constitution, drew different opinions.

Deputy Pham Dinh Quyen from Ha Noi said that since national power belonged to the people, the new mechanism was unnecessary.

“The tasks supposed to be given to the council are what the National Assembly’s Standing Committee and other National Assembly committees are taking charge of,” he said. “The committees simply need to improve.”

Sharing the same opinion, Tran Ngoc Vinh from Hai Phong expressed his concerns that a Constitutional Council may overlap with State agencies and National Assembly committees.

In contrast, Chu Son Ha from Ha Noi agreed on the idea, but urged for detailed regulations on the council’s responsibilities and power.

“With only the right to give recommendations, the mechanism cannot take its full effect,” he said.

Land ownership

Most of the deputies agreed that the land ownership belonged to the people but asked for clearer and more transparent land management, especially in retrieval and site clearance.

Da Nang deputy Than Duc Nam asked for more detailed regulations in the draft amended Constitution regarding land ownership.

“Land disputes at the moment are mostly from inappropriate land retrieval and compensation for site clearance.”

“The Constitution must state clearly that compensation for site clearance for projects must be the same, no matter whether the projects are for public use, national security and defence, or economic purposes,” said deputy Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam from HCM City. “Without this, complaints and denunciations related to land will continue.”

Deputy Nguyen Van Phuc from Ha Tinh Province said that land retrieval and compensation must be based on land ownership.


Deputies also briefed the compiling board for amendments to the 1992 Constitution on voters’ opinions to make the Constitution a long standing, stable and understandable document.

“I’ve met with voters in my province, and they all agreed with the draft Constitution,” said Tran Van Tuy from the northern province of Bac Ninh. “However, some said that the draft Constitution was too long with complicated words and notions.

“The Constitution should be clear and concise so everyone can understand it. It should not be unclear or too academic.”

The results of the yesterday’s discussions will be collected for a plenary session to discuss, which will be broadcast live next week.

Source: VNS

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