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Hanoi hosted a March 8 seminaLocal businesses prepare to cope with natural disastersr discussing the role of Vietnamese businesses in dealing with natural disasters.

The event, organised by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), updated and advised local businesses on climate change adaptation policies for sustainable development.

It offered a chance for enterprises, experts, and managers to comment on State policies relating to natural disasters and counsel businesses regarding natural disaster prevention and control.

VCCI Vice Chairman Hoang Van Dung emphasised that Vietnam’s major concerns is how to be proactive in coping with natural disasters risks and mitigating their consequences.

Over the past decades, natural calamities have claimed thousands of lives and caused property losses worth tens of thousands of billions of Vietnam Dong (VND), Dung said.

The Asia Foundation (TAF) Vietnam Representative Kim Ngoc Bao Ninh highlighted the vital role of businesses in national economic development. As the economy’s backbone, businesses generate employment and are massive contributors to the State budget. Their capacity to cope with natural disasters is very important to the national economy, she said.

The seminar’s participants were asked to help Government and State bodies draw up the policies that will form the national target programme on climate change adaptation.

They proposed several projects encouraging businesses to accept greater social responsibility, promote public-private cooperation in natural disaster response, and embrace the community-based models of natural disaster management.


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