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One year after a goldGold shop evades VND54bil taxes, official expelled from Party store in Dam Doi district of Ca Mau province was discovered to earn more than VND7,000 billion (US$350 million) in revenue but did not pay taxes, the official who was alleged to give a hand to the tax evader has been disciplined.

On September 11, the Inspection Committee of Ca Mau expelled Le Thanh Du, former member of the Party Executive Committee of Dam Doi District, from the Party.

Earlier, Du was dismissed from the post of director of the Dam Doi District Taxation Bureau.

Inspectors concluded that Du “lacked of sense of responsibility causing serious consequences in tax administration, deliberately violated the provisions of the State and financial management mechanism and caused internal disunity.”

Specifically, Du shielded and gave a hand to Hoang Khiem gold store in Dam Doi town to sell gold for a company in Ho Chi Minh City, totaling more than VND7.000 billion ($350 million) in seven months of 2010.

Meanwhile, the average sales declared by this gold shop was only VND714 million ($30,000) a month. This gold shop allegedly evaded taxes of VND54 billion or $2.7 million.

Du also committed other violations, which are under investigation by the Ca Mau police agency.

(by VietnamNet)

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