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The Vietnam FisChina’s arrest of six Vietnamese fishermen under fireheries Society (VFS) has released a statement, strongly protesting against China’s recent apprehension of six Vietnamese fishermen and their boat.

VFS vice president Vo Van Trac said Chinese authorities on July 3 detained the Vietnamese fishermen and seized their boat fishing in their traditional fishing grounds in the Bac Bo (Tonkin) Gulf.

In its statement, VFS described China’s move as wrongful and unruly and asked the country to immediately stop similar acts of aggression, intimidation, property robbery, and arrest of Vietnamese fishermen illegally.

The society also asked China to release the fishermen and compensate them for property damages.

Since China towed its giant drilling rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 to Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf in early May, it has continuously intimidated and collided with Vietnamese fishing boats.

On May 5 Chinese ship 37101 rammed Vietnamese boat QNg 90567 TS, damaging its stern. On May 26 a Chinese ship sank Vietnamese boat Dna 90152, leaving 10 fishermen on board in distress.


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