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ABusinessmen admitted to mental hospitals at the year endccording to the doctors, the number of mental patients for economic reasons rose highly in 2012, especially at the end of the year. Many patients used to be big bosses and famous businessmen.

Dr. Nguyen Van Dung, from the Hanoi Institute of Mental Health, said not long ago, the hospital received a rather special patient.

The patient is quite young, 35 years old and he is the director of a big company. He is the owner of two office buildings of 17 and 20 stories in Hanoi, which are worth about VND700-800 billion ($35-40 million.) Since the buildings were not rented for a long time, the pressure to pay debts and interest money was increasingly intense.

The businessman had to run to Laos for a time to avoid creditors. But at home, his family was threatened so he had to return to Vietnam to face the reality. Under pressure, he suffered from heavy stress.

This situation took place in a long time, leaving him with behavior disorders. After a period of treatment, the patient’s condition was stable and was discharged from hospital on January 7.

Dr. Dung said bankruptcy has come as something inevitable and it was a big shock for businessmen whose assets “evaporated” and their career that was built in years suddenly collapsed.

“The shock is too big, resulting in mentally disturbance,” Dung said.

Many mental patients who are businessmen have the same thing: Being in debt, even the daily interest payment date is up to tens of thousands of USD. Among them, there are people who became rich thanks to real estate and now go crazy also because of real estate.

The doctor said that the number of businessmen who go to mental hospitals tends to increase slightly at the end of the year. This may be the debt pressure increases this time.

In this difficult time, there are patients who were admitted to the mental hospital but the debtor still chased them in the hospital

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