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Nearly hThe 50 richest stock women in 2012alf of the members on the list of top 50 stock millionairesses have been managing big enterprises in the stock market.

VnExpress has released a list of the 50 richest women in 2012, which showed that the wife and the wife’s younger sister of the richest stock millionaire – Pham Nhat Vuong, rank first and third in the top 50. This is for the third consecutive year Pham Thu Huong and Pham Thuy Hang stay firmly in their positions when possessing 51.8 million VIC shares in total.

The amount of shares being held by the two women is worth 4.95 trillion dong if referring to the closing price at the latest trading session of the stock market on December 28. The assets of the two account for 31 percent of the total assets of the 50 richest women.

Though being rich, and like many other members of the Pham family, there has been little information about the two women.

The prospect of Vingroup showed that both Pham Thu Huong and Pham Thuy Hang are holding the posts of deputy president of the group.

Born in 1969, Huong, a law school bachelor, together with her husband, was the founder of Technocom Group in Ukraine in 1993-1994 and Vingroup in Vietnam later.

Meanwhile, Pham Thuy Hang, born in 1974, joined the family business later, since 1998, after receiving the bachelor in foreign language.

The second position on the list of top 50 is Nguyen Hoang Yen, the wife of Masan Group, Nguyen Dang Quang, who is also the member of the board of directors. Despite the bad information about Masan, Masan share prices still keep stable, allowing Yen to add 250 billion dong more into her assets and narrow the gap in the assets between Yen and the richest women to 700 billion dong.

The fourth position has belonged to Vu Thi Hien from the Hoa Phat Group, who was at the eighth position in the 2011’s list. Unlike the other three businesswomen, Hien, the wife of Hoa Phat Group President Tran Dinh Long does not hold any executive position in Hoa Phat. However, with 31 million Hoa Phat shares, Hien’s stock assets increased by 50 percent last year thanks to the price increases.

Dang Ngoc Lan proves to be the only portrait in the top five who is well known to many people. Lan is the wife of Nguyen Duc Kien, who is considered one of the most influential tycoons in the banking sector. The name of Nguyen Duc Kien appeared in all local newspapers last year after he was arrested for the wrongdoings relating to banking activities.

Kien has been known as the president of the two football clubs. Therefore, after the Kien arrest, Lan was believed to take over the two clubs. However, both of them have been eliminated.

Lan is now a member of the board of directors of VietBank, who has 17 year experience in the financial sector. She is now holding 38.5 million ACB shares, which she bought when she worked for ACB.

Nguyen Thi Nhu Loan has also been mentioned regularly by local newspapers. The total assets of the real estate big guy has dropped by 50 percent to 442 billion dong due to the real estate price decreases. Therefore, Loan’s position has fallen from the fourth to the 8th in the 2012’s list.

The total stock assets of the richest 50 women are worth 16.02 trillion dong.

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