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Viet Nam is expected to make a new recRice exports forecast at 7.5 million tonsord in rice export with a volume of 7.5 million tones this year, or a year-on-year increase of 4%, according to the Viet Nam Food Association (VFA).

The VFA reported that Viet Nam has so far this year signed contracts to ship 7.2 million tons of rice abroad.

Local rice inventories are of over 1.7 million tons for the remaining months of the year, adequate for domestic consumption and exports.

The country slashed its rice export target to 6.5 million tones as affected by a drop of 40% in rice export in Q1. However, rice export rebounded in the following months.

As of October 11, Viet Nam sold abroad 6.018 million tons of rice./.


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