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China currently bans the import of fresh Vietnamese shrimp for quarantine reasons and only five out of 542 seafood export businesses are affected.

The managChina bans Vietnamese shrimp importsement agencies said that the Chinese decision has a limited impact on the seafood sector’s export turnover.

In an interview granted to VnExpress news wire, Nguyen Nhu Tiep, director of the National Agro Forestry Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (NAFIQAD) said that China’s request is in accordance with international norms, emphasised that the IHHNV virus is transmitted through insects and does not pose a threat to humans.

To resume exporting fresh shrimp to China, Tiep said Vietnam should register a list of fish farms with the Chinese side. The NAFIQAD will first conduct sampling to monitor the development of the disease, and only farms returning negative samples will be allowed to resume shrimp exports.

Before the consignments are delivered, the NAFIQAD will also take a sample to ensure it complies with criteria for food safety and hygiene. Finally, Vietnam should register for a Chinese quarantine certificate for this type of product.

Tiep said that according to Chinese regulations, Vietnamese businesses that qualify for a place on the list will be able to export to the Chinese market from May 1, 2013. China has allowed 542 seafood businesses to export to its market.Only five businesses have registered for exporting fresh shrimp while the remaining businesses will continue exporting frozen products. The volume of fresh shrimp does not constitute a large proportion of seafood exports and will not dramatically affect the sector’s turnover.


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