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The majority Business gets prosperous on the days before doomsdayof Vietnamese don’t believe on the predicted doomsday. However, this is still a golden opportunity for businesses to grab up a boost in sales.

A home appliance center in HCM City has raised a shocking question: “Do you believe that December 21 would be the end of the world?”, launching a noisy sale promotion program on the occasion of the doomsday. It has promised to give gifts to the first customers who buy products from the store on that day, offer a two percent discount to customers and give presents (computer mouse, TV) to those, who make payments online.

“The idea about the sale promotion program comes from our thought that we can attract higher attention to our products from the public on the doomsday. Besides, we also plan to stimulate the demand on the Christmas and New Year season,” said Le Pham Anh Thy, Deputy Marketing Director.

Maya people might not imagine before that their prediction about the doomsday can help businessmen earn money so easily. A lot of ad pieces, inviting people to buy goods to prepare for the doomsday has appeared on e-commerce websites. One of them offers to sell a bird cage made of wood by craftsmen, priced at 3 million dong, the preferential price offered only on the occasion of the doomsday.

The fashion shops on Cau Giay Street in Hanoi have offered price discounts on the occasion of the ending of the world. It seems that they understand that people need to wear beautiful clothes before their lives come to an end.

Especially, a freight and forwarding company has predicted that the world would overcome the doomsday and stay alive. And in order to celebrate the victory, it would exempt some kinds of fees for the clients on December 21, 22, and 23.

Hieu Dung Company in the southern province of Hau Giang tries to catch the attention from people with a promise that it would sell wine gourd-shaped pomelos to clients at zero dong on the doomsday, reminding people that the free pomelos would be given only if the doomsday occurs as predicted.

“If the doomsday does not occur, the prize would not be valid. And if it occurs, please contact us for free pomelos,” the notice said.

Bui Van Hien, Business Director of Hien Dung Company, said he simply hopes the advertisement would help catch the attention from the public.

“It seems that the program has brought more clients. A lot of people have called to order pomelos,” he said.
In the north, Topcare, a well-known home appliance distributor also can take full advantage of the doomsday to boost sale, but it does this the special way. The brand announced that it offered the preferential prices for 1200 products available at the distribution chain at 12.20 pm on December 12, 2012, the moment, which is believed to be opposite against the doomsday.

Meanwhile, other enterprises have “accidentally” launched sale promotion programs on December 21. Vietnamese distributors have confirmed that they would begin distributing the iPhone 5 on this day.

Vietnam Airlines’ branch in the central region has decided that December 21 would be the day the sale promotion program for the flights on Hanoi – Phu Quoc Island finishes. Under the program, passengers can buy air tickets at the low price of 120,000 dong (one way), which did not include tax and surcharges.

(Vietnam Net)

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