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Vietnam’s Malaysian exports increase by 23.2 percentVietnam’s trade office in Malaysia has reported export turnover to the Malaysian market totalled US$1.97 billion after the first six months of the year, up 23.2 percent from 2012’s same period.

Vietnam’s key Malaysian export commodities are crude oil, electronics and components, telephones, rubber, rice, and iron and steel in various grades and gauges.

Crude oil leads exports with US$493.5 million in turnover, followed by computers, electronics, and spare parts (US$415.2 million), telephones and components (US$264.5 million), and rubber (US$148.8 million).

Vietnam imported Malaysian goods worth US$1.7 billion—a rise of 26 percent against the same period last year—bringing total half-yearly bilateral trade value to US$3.67 billion (up 24.5 percent on 2012).

Vietnam’s key imports from Malaysia include computers, electronics and spare parts; petroleum; animal fats and vegetable oils; crude oil; and plastics.

With 441 valid Vietnam-based investment projects, capitalised at US$10.21 billion, Malaysia ranks it eighth out of the country’s 100 nation and territory investment partners.


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