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The US Department of Commerce (DOC)’s March 14 decision to impose anti-dumping duties on Vietnamese frozen fish fillets is unfair and biased, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Luong Thanh Nghi.

At the ForeVietnam not dumping frozen fish fillets in USign Ministry’s regular press briefing on March 21 Nghi said, “We have repeatedly affirmed that Vietnam does not dump frozen fish fillets or any other seafood products into the US market. We have also asked the DOC not to impose anti-dumping duties on Vietnam’s frozen fish fillets.”

Issues related to bilateral trade ties should be scrutinized in a fair and objective manner in line with the World Trade Organization (WTO), the spirit of trade liberalization and the fine relations between the two countries for the mutual benefit of Vietnamese and US businesses and consumers, the official said.

Under the DOC’s decision, Indonesia will replace Bangladesh for calculating anti-dumping duties on frozen fish fillets imported from Vietnam before making a final decision of the 8th administrative review. As a result, Vietnamese frozen fish fillets will have new tax rates imposed, which are many times higher than normal.


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