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The establishment of a Vietnam-Netherlands cooperation forum on fruit and vegetables was discussed at a round table conference in Hanoi on March 27.

Deputy MiVietnam, Holland cooperate in developing fruit and vegetablesnister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam said that the establishment of the Vietnam-Netherlands cooperation forum is in line with the broader diplomatic policies of both parties, opening up new opportunities for partnerships in agriculture

Tam said Vietnam has natural conditions which are favourable for the production of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to meet both domestic consumption and international demand. Currently, Vietnam is one of the world’s top-five nations in the export of fruit, vegetables.

However, the sector has not reached its full potential and needs further support from state agencies, businesses, and international organisations.

The Netherlands Minister for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation Hans Hoogreveen said that identifying the most lucrative fields for cooperation is a very important precursor to devising an approach method and building development strategies.

He expressed his wish that the private sector will play a leading role in the cooperation forum, which will focus not only on training, investment and processing, but also on sustainable development to cope with climate change.

At the seminar, Trinh Khac Quang, Director of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, made several proposals for new partnerships in research and development with the Netherlands.

Currently, Vietnam exports fruit and vegetables to nearly 40 nations and territories around the globe. The total export turnover of fruit and vegetables in 2012 reached over US$800 million, with the major product lines including cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions and cabbages.

Both sides are expected to sign a cooperative agreement regarding fruit and vegetable trade and development on March 28.


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