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Vietnam, China compete in smart phone productionThe Nihon Keizai, Japan’s leading economic newspaper, has published a May 14 article deeming Vietnam a world-leading smart phone producing nation.

The article said Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co. Ltd (SEV) controls 20 percent of the world’s market share and plans to produce 240 million smart phones in 2013. These grand ambitions reveal Vietnam is hoping to usurp China as the world’s largest smart phone producer as soon as possible.

The SEV’s plan has not only gifted Vietnam’s electronics industry trickledown benefits, but also generated thousands of jobs and helped infrastructure development. SEV’s factories are all located in the northern region, facilitating the import and export of components and goods to and from important markets like Japan, China, and Taiwan.

According to the US-based International Data Corporation, international vendors are expected to ship 918.6 million smartphones in 2013. , China currently remains the world leader, producing around 50 percent of the world’s smartphones. Samsung’s plan to boost its Vietnamese production activities in indicates the country could take over China’s position in the future.


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