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The No. 1 pThe 50 Vietnamese most effective businesses in 2013osition in the top 50 belongs to a gas production, transport and distribution firm – CNG. Meanwhile, Vinamilk, the dairy producer, where the State holds the controlling stakes, has been marching towards on its way, without any obstacles.

The champion

Topping the 50 Malaysian most effective businesses is a palm oil and natural rubber producer, which is explained by the fact that Malaysia is the biggest palm oil production country in the world. Meanwhile, topping the 50 Thai most effective businesses is a travel firm, which is explained by the fact that Thailand has been famous for its tourism industry.

And the Vietnamese firm which tops the 2013’s list of the 50 most effective businesses is CNG Vietnam, an oil and gas firm.

The No. 1 position for CNG is undeniable with the three impressive business indexes in 2010-2012: the revenue growth rate of 120 percent, the ROE and ROC are 55 and 43 percent, respectively.

Like the 2012’s Ha Do Group, CNG has been put on the top position thanks to the outstanding turnover growth rate of 120 percent per annum. However, the turnover growth rate was not stable with the modest growth rate of 9 percent in 2012, 156 percent in 2011 and 278 percent in 2010.

Vinamilk, the elephant that runs at full gallops

Vinamilk has made a big leap over the last 10 years, since the day it got equitized with the turnover up by 6.3 times, the profit up by 11 times, and the stockholder equity up by 8.3 times in comparison with 2004, the first fiscal year after the equitization.

Vinamilk is one of the four listed companies which have the turnover reaching billions of dollars. The other three are GAS, FPT and PVS.

Talking about Vinamilk, analysts say Vinamilk deserves to be called the “giant elephant.” However, the giant, despite its big weight, still can run very fast.

With its impressive business result, Vinamilk has jumped from the fourth position in the 2012’s report to the second position this year. While the turnover growth of the other enterprises in top 50 much depend on the selling prices, Vinamilk’s businesses has been growing on the production expansion.

Vinamilk’s General Director, Mai Kieu Lien, is a famous businesswoman in Asia. She has expressed VInamilk’s ambitious plan to obtain the turnover of $3 billion by 2017.

JVC, the new face

JVC has become the name attracting the special attention from the public. The third position is really a good ranking for a company which, for the first time, has been named in the top 50.

JVC is a healthcare equipment trade company which operates in Vietnam, the country with the backward healthcare conditions. JVC has great advantages in its business, because it serves as the exclusive distributor of a lot of the world’s big healthcare suppliers, such as Hitachi, Carestream Health, and Kodak. It is now the medical equipment supplier to the 100 biggest hospitals in Vietnam.

A report of Business Monitor, a market survey firm, the medical equipment market in Vietnam is worth $600 million, while it is expected to witness the growth rate of 15.2 percent per annum to reach $1.2 billion by 2015. This means that JVC still can grow more in accordance with the Vietnamese market.


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