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After the arrest of KRumors about VIP arrests deteriorate the national economyien, one of the most influential businessmen in Vietnam, rumors have been spread that a lot of other “big guys” have also been detained by the police, which have stirred up the finance market.

Some days ago, people whispered in each others’ ears that Nguyen Dang Quang, Chair of Masan Group, a consumer goods producer, was arrested for his involvement in the Kien’s case.

Even the big guys in the business circle were also uncertain if Quang was arrested, because Quang did not turn up during those days. Only when Quang made a statement that he was in the US and that he would return to Vietnam, then appeared in a Masan’s even on August 27–did people believe that Quang is still “safe.”

Quang, the founder of Chinsu well known brand, said a friend of his heard from other people that they saw with their eyes the policemen coming to Quang’s home on the evening.

“I cannot understand why such a rumor has been spread out,” he said.

Chair of the Board of Directors of Techcombank Ho Hung Anh also once felt into the same situation. However, unlike Quang, who turned up at an event to stop the rumor, Techcombank followed the other way to deny the information.

The bank sent a press release to local newspapers, informing that Ho Hung Anh would answer the interviews on the implementation of the program on funding students’ study. After that, the chair of the bank appeared on newspapers and informed about the opening of the new headquarter of the bank.

A former executive of Techcombank affirmed that this was for the first time Anh turns up before the public to talk about the scholarships for students and the headquarter – the issues he might never before think he would do one day.

He also said that Anh turned up on local newspapers right after Nguyen Dang Quang, Chair of Masan Group, appeared at the event to deny the rumor about the arrest.

Quang, who is Chair of Masan Group, is also the first Deputy Chair of Techcombank.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Board of Directors of Eximbank Le Hung Dung was thought as being put under the house arrest. Unlike the other two bankers, Dung regularly turned up on local press talking about the issues relating to football.

Some days after the rumor about the house arrest was spread out, Dung appeared on a local newspaper, answering the questions of the reporters as the Deputy Chair of the Vietnam Football Federation.

Most recently, the public has been stirred up with the information about the arrest of Tram Be, Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors of Sacombank, one of the biggest commercial banks in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Tram Be is considered an enigmatic portrait, because the VIP rarely turned up before the public. However, following the moves made by the bankers, Be has appeared at a Sacombank’s event – the signing ceremony of a credit contract for small and medium enterprises.

At the ceremony, Be affirmed that the information about his arrest is just false rumor.

Dragon Capital, a foreign investment fund, in its recent bulletin to investors, reported that To Hai, CEO of Ban Viet Securities Company, was summoned by the investigation agency after the arrests of Nguyen Duc Kien and Ly Xuan Hai.

However, on August 24, Dragon Capital corrected the information and apologized to Hai.

(By VietNamnet)

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