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PAN ServicePAN Services wins 2013 Vietnam Brands Competition awards has been honoured with the 2013 Vietnam Brands Competition’s “Famous Brand” award in Hanoi on July 14recognising its enviable industrial cleaning service and other facility service record over the past 20 years.

PAN Services Deputy Director Vu Thi Ngan said the award will spur on the company’s 4,000 professional staff from PAN Services to invest greater efforts in improving quality, rewarding the trust of customers, and raising the profile of the PAN Services brand.

PAN Services was deemed eligible for the award after meeting the organising board’s assessment criteria, including territorial scope, brand longevity, and cleaning service revenue.

The 2013 Vietnam Brands Competition’s “Famous Brand” award seeks to acknowledge businesses’ achievements in improving their competitiveness, providing high quality services and goods, incorporating sustainable development goals, contributing to Vietnamese brand development, and promoting Vietnamese products and services on international markets.

The award has helped introduce Vietnamese trademarks to international friends and demonstrated to domestic businesses the importance of protecting their brands’ reputations.


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