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Metro Cash Metro Cash & Carry launches new business strategy& Carry Vietnam has embarked on a new business strategy in Vietnam, aiming to become the preferred choice of professional businesspersons.

This was announced by Philippe Bacac, Chairman and Managing Director of Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam on February 27 at conference in Ho Chi Minh City that saw more than 1,000 business representatives in attendance.

Addressing the event, Philippe Bacac underscored that fundamentally the strategy focuses on creating better management information systems and distribution channels that link up suppliers with manufacturers.

With the assistance of METRO, suppliers will have improved capabilities to understand and meet the expectations of manufactures with quality product produced on a timely and economical manner and in turn boost sales and profitability.

19 Metro Cash & Carry distributors throughout the country have now served about 1 million professional customers. The volume of Vietnamese goods at METRO centres account for over 95%.

Annually, the group also directly and indirectly purchases made-in-Vietnam goods worth up to US$50 million to provide a number of METRO centers worldwide.


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