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The Ministry of IImported steel under microscopendustry and Trade (MoIT) has decided to launch an anti-dumping investigation into cold-rolled stainless steel imported from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The decision was made on July 2 targeting imported steel products coded HS 7219.32.00; 7219.33.00; 7219.34.00; 7219.35.00; 7219.90.00; 7220.20.10; 7220.20.90; and 7220.90.10; 7220.90.90.

On June 5, the Vietnam Competition Authority (VCA) received legal dossiers from local steel producers Posco VST Co. Ltd and Hoa Binh Inox Joint Stock Company arguing the above products should be liable to between 20–40 percent anti-dumping taxes.

Some steel importers voiced concern over the anti-dumping investigation, noting comparable Posco steel products are more expensive than their imported equivalents.

The VCA said that relevant investigation agencies will carry out legal proceedings against the imported products according to Vietnam’s anti-dumping legislation.

The investigation’s concerned parties can register for updates regarding the case until 30 days after the MoIT’s decision takes effect.


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