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Traditionally, you need to gevietnamvisa-org-vnt a Vietnam visa in your passport from the embassy where you live before entry. However, you can also apply online Vietnam visa and the visa stamp to a gate of the international airport in Vietnam, as Mrs. Yang explained.

Unlike other countries, Vietnam does not allow foreign tourists to get a “Visa on Arrival” or VOA directly at the airport in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. It is important to note that the visa must apply online before going to Vietnam. The process to get a visa made by online travel agent in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Embassy did not publicize this service, so many tourists are hard to reach for this service to get a visa Vietnam “Visa On Arrival”.

Why should a Vietnam visa online?

I have been to Vietnam before and my initial feeling is skeptical of the ads on the Internet for a “visa on arrival” approval letter. Because, now I am not in my country (USA) or not near the embassy for a long enough time, so to get a traditional visa is very difficult. And the alternative is to apply Vietnam visa online. It turned out that getting a VOA faster, cheaper, and easier than getting home and especially easy for someone to travel and not in a fixed position.

Which company to use?

While there are many different companies advertising this service, I chose www.vietnamvisa.org.vn after reading through a few forums to record people’s experiences with different vendors and their costs . While you can view their website for the different visa fee, in January, an entry visa, Vietnam Visa charged me $ 19.00 to get the approval letter. Also, VOA will cost you $ $ 45 at the airport when you arrive.

Get visa approval letter before

What you’re really paying for is not a visa, but a letter of approval allows you to get a visa when you arrive or Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh City airport. Your Vietnam Visa has been sent to my email (in jpg format.) A copy of the approval letter within 2 working days. Another thing happened when I applied the Tet holiday visa and get a quick email to tell me that there will be a delay since it is a national holiday. I was very impressed that I not only get an email notifying me of the delay, on Tet no less, but I still have the visa in 2 working days.

Using their site is easy, just follow the instructions listed after clicking on the “apply online” and fill in your information. You will need to know your passport number and it is very important to know your correct information such as the date of departure and a visa will only be valid for 30 days from the date of your listing. While you can go after the specified date, you will have to leave the departure date listed on your visa. You can apply a visa as much as you want at the same time and I think it’s a good idea to have everyone in your travel group listed together on the same form to reduce reduce any possible confusion on arrival.

For visa online payment

Once you fill out the appropriate information, you will be prompted to pay for entry and can pay by Visa, Master card or Paypal. I choose to use Paypal to avoid credit card use and the costs associated with its use abroad of me and it provides a level of security, and frankly, I appreciate the option that other companies do not offer it.

When visa collection airports in Vietnam

Also your acceptance letter, you will need to bring $ $ 45 and two passport photos (size 4x6cm) when you arrive at the airport. (Be sure to keep your passport photos and cash during the flight, not in your check in luggage). In Hanoi, after coming and going down the stairs from the door, you’ll find all the immigration counter to your right. Instead, go straight ahead Visa on windows / access. Do not go to the normal immigration line as you will only be sent back to the access VOA. At the bar, you will deliver your passport and two photos of you and can be given a simple form to fill out. Walk around to the other side of the counter (which is a basic two-sided booth) and fill out the form and wait for your name to be called. After they call your name, pay the $ $ 45 fee and receive your passport with your new visa. With about a dozen people who applied at the same time, it took me about 20 minutes to go through the process.

Then return to the regular immigration counters to be dealt with everyone else and enjoy your visit to Vietnam.

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