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Despite global and domestic challenges, Viet Nam has still gained significant external economic achievements in 2012, especially in terms of FDI, ODA, export, import and international arrivals.

Higher disbursement of FDI and ODA

The newly-registered FDI reached US$13 billion in 2012 and the realization of this capital source is estimated at US$10.5 billion, slightly higher than the average in 2007-2011 (US$10.31 billion).

External economic achievements gained in 2012

Growth of external economic sectors in 2012 (%). (Source: General Statistics Office, Ministry of Planning and Investment, State Bank and experts’ estimation)

Since 1988, Viet Nam has licensed a total FDI of US$243 billion and spent about US$99.5 billion. The capital in ongoing projects is estimated at US$212 billion.

Twenty two countries and territories have registered a capital value of over US$1 billion, and eight of them are proud of the value of over US$10 billion (Japan, Republic of Korea, China-Taiwan, Singapore, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the US).

All provinces and cities of Viet Nam have FDI projects, eight of them can draw over US$5 billion and five over US$10 billion (Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Ha Noi, Dong Nai, and Binh Duong).

ODA capital commitments in 2012 have stood at US$7.3 billion (nearly US$6.5 billion for 2013) and the disbursement made a record of US$3.6 billion.

The total ODA commitments since 1993 is over US$75 billion and the disbursement is US$34.5 billion, contributing over 10% to the development investment capital and equivalent to 3.5% of GDP.

Export – a driving force for economic growth

In 2012, the total export turnover is estimated at US$114.6 billion and its ratio against GDP hit a record of 82%.

Compared to 2011, the export increases by 18.3%. The ratio of export growth/GDP growth is 3.6, proving that export has become a driving force for economic growth.

Growth has been seen in 32 out of 40 groups of commodity, especially cameras and spare parts, telephones, computers and electronic goods; electric wire and cable, coffee, cassava, means of transport, machinery, ceramics, fertilizers, and vegetable.

There are 22 goods earning US$1 billion; 12 over US$2 billion; 11 US$3 billion; nine US$4 billion; seven US$5 billion; six US$6 billion; five US$7 billion; three US$8 billion; and two over US$12 billion (garments US$15 billion and telephones US$12.6 billion).

It is noticeable that Viet Nam has managed to make trade surplus of US$0.3 billion in 2012. The country can see the excess of export over import in 41 out of its 81 major markets, including 11 markets with the value of over US$1 billion.

International arrivals to Viet Nam are estimated at nearly 6.85 million, mainly for tourism (60.9%) and business (17%).

Source: VGP

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