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Among Dak Lak coffee shipped to 60 countries, territoriesthe markets, 31 have an export value in excess of US$1 million each while nine have obtained values in excess of US$10 million each including Germany, Japan, Italy, the US, Spain, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, France and Russia, the provincial People’s Committee reports.

Since early this year, more than 138,000 tonnes of coffee beans have been shipped abroad, representing an increase of 9.2% over the same period last year.

Import-Export 2/9 Dak Lak Company is one of the province’s leading coffee exporters. It directly sells around 85,000 tonnes of processed coffee to 48 countries and territories annually.

To stabilise the market, export businesses have teamed up with farmers to produce pure coffee, meeting the increasing demand for high-quality products of global importers.

Currently, more than 41,000 farmers plant coffee on nearly 61,460 hectares to produce around 271,150 tonnes of high-quality coffee beans annually, in compliance with certificate guidelines, such as the Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C), the Rainforest Alliance (RFA), Fairtrade, and UTZ Certified.

The province has established five sustainable coffee production alliances with the participation of more than 1,087 households. The alliances are creating a solid chain between farmers and businesses in production, trading and related services like processing and exporting.

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