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Nearly 600 ASEAN Business Forum opens in Bangkokentrepreneurs and investors from throughout Southeast Asia and the world attended the ASEAN Business Forum 2013 which opened in Bangkok on February 27.

The forum entitled “Challenges and Priorities towards AEC 2015: Capturing the value within”, will contribute to improving awareness about the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the competitive edge for ASEAN members, especially Thailand.

ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh said that ASEAN is in the process of establishing a common community by 2015 based on the three pillars of political security, economics and culture, with the emphasis on economics.

The establishment of the AEC will contribute to ensuring the success of ASEAN’s integration process.

Currently, ASEAN is successfully implementing the planned stages of building the AEC. However, there is much to be done and ASEAN member states should double efforts to ensure that the AEC is essentially completed by 2015.

In the future, ASEAN will prioritize effective measures in reducing the development gaps between ASEAN member countries.

Vietnam has taken numerous measures towards a common ASEAN community over the years, including significant contributions to the establishment of the AEC more recently.  Vietnam expects to be actively involved in action plans in order to build the AEC successfully, leading to further integration of ASEAN members in the next phase up to 2015.

The ASEAN Business Forum has become an annual event where entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia and around the world can share and learn from each other’s experiences.

The event also offers a good opportunity for establishing a network of business relations as well as helping businesses sharpen their competitive edge over the long term.


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