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Asia-PacAPEC seminar focuses on business contingency planningific Economic Cooperation (APEC) officials gathered in Hanoi on May 9 to devise measures helping businesses resume operation and production in the wake of natural disasters.

The event—the second of its kind jointly organised by Vietnam and Australia—was an excellent opportunity for APEC member economies to share experiences and enhance cooperation in natural disaster mitigation and economic development.

Delegates highlighted Government agencies’ key role in mapping out recovery plans capable of maintaining production and business operations despite the potential impact of natural disasters.

Leslie J Williams, an Australian official who co-chairs a working group on dealing with emergencies, said businesses should have plans in place to maintain their operations in the event of a disaster.

They should also urge their staff to actively contribute to the implementation of these plans, he said, adding that both employers and employees must share responsibility to help their companies overcome difficulties.

The seminar—a collective initiative from Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan (China)—was approved by the APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG).


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